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About Us

International experts serving with African warmth

About Us

Gen A was founded with the next generation in mind – Generation Alpha, expected to be the most tech savvy, educated, wealthy generation of all time – we want our clients to be ready for them


Our leaders share more than 60 years of IT experience across South Africa and the UK and are passionate about forming partnerships that deliver substantial value.


We have formed a community of IT professionals who serve with a smile. We work closely with local educational institutions and select recruitment partners to source the best talent and we value and develop our people to retain that talent and breed a culture of care that translates to our customers.

IT strategy services
IT Network Services

Our Values

  • Indisputably dedicated to keeping our clients operational and solving their problems

  • Traditional in nature, our customers are king, and we serve with a smile

  • Proudly great at what we do and committed to maintaining that position to keep our clients ahead of their competition

  • Optimal in everything we do, making us flexible and easy to do business with

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Generation Alpha

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