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Consultancy & Change

Consultancy & Change

Consultancy & Change

Consultancy & Change

An independent IT review today, preparing your business for tomorrow. 
Of those reviewed to date:


Of businesses had security risks


Of companies had infrastructure issues


 Of organisations had untapped cost-saving opportunities

Gen A’s approach to IT strategy always combines top-down, bottom-up approaches to ensure all technology initiatives are aligned with wider business goals

What is an IT health check?

We provide a simple to understand RAG report on every aspect of your IT environment and associated support. As well as recommendations on ways to improve or maintain your red, amber and green results and the potential costs and benefits of such changes

What areas do we cover in the IT Health Review?

An IT Health check is an independent assessment of your IT environment including but not exclusive to:



Cloud readiness or provision



Documentation management


ISP provision

IT infrastructure including cloud and on premise

Local and wide area networks

IT strategy


Change management policies


Disaster recovery & business continuity capabilities

IT security and risk management

End user


IT support

Cost rationalisation

How will we conduct the IT Health Review?

The IT review will be completed following our standard project methodology.


Why use Gen A?

We conduct truly impartial, non-obligatory reviews, we do not make any volume guarantees or accept loyalty terms with hardware or software providers. Our reviews demonstrate our knowledge and expertise and are often the foundation of our long-standing successful relationships.

We have extensive experience working with businesses both big and small and can offer client references and/or example reports across all industries. Whilst we follow a framework for these reviews we are conscious not to take a one size fits all approach. Prior to the IT health review taking place we will consult with you to understand your concerns and ensure they are addressed

How much does a comprehensive IT health check with Gen A cost?

For a full review, including all time and documentation, we offer a exceptionally competetive cost which can also be refunded against any managed IT or professional services commenced within 3 months of the review being completed. Prices listed below are a guide and dependant on the size of your IT estate.



15,000 ZAR

South Africa

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