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Secure working

Information Security

Securing your world.

Information Security

Holistic and layered security solutions that protects your business’s resources against threats and security breaches.

Our services include: 

Managed Security-as-a-Service-Leveraging next generation toolsets alongside actionable playbooks to monitor, manage and respond to advanced threats, risks and compliance needs. Central management and visibility into all aspects of the environment is critical to identify security gaps and to ensure end-to-end vulnerability lifecycle management.

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Zero-Trust Security

  • Aligning your organisation’s security toolsets, policies and procedures to Zero-Trust security frameworks to protect your network and digital assets.Implementing next GenerAtion technologies is key to stop breaches in real-time and to protect your data from threats. Layered protection such as Next Generation of Multi Factor Authentication, Access and Runtime controls, Data Protection tools and Threat Intelligences all builds towards a Zero-Trust solution governed by GenerAtion IT policies and frameworks. Identity and Access Management

  • Controlling user and application access to your organisation’s resources is important to align to regulatory requirements and protects corporate data and systems against human errors and potential bad actors. Adopting a next generation Identity and Access Management framework and toolsets automates the controls, monitoring and auditing for end-to-end workflows against evolving access requirements.

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Endpoint Management and Protection

  • Central management of endpoint devices is a crucial first step in endpoint protection and ensures devices continually conform to security requirements. Gen A's security layering strategy unites backup and next-generation, AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, email and endpoint protection management in one solution

  • Additional components such as Gen A's layered security platform and policy framework provides fast and secure access to corporate apps and data across devices and locations.

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Vulnerability Management

  • Vulnerability Assessments is usually, the first step as part of Gen A's vulnerability management framework is to assess your entire environment and processes from possible security threats. This informs your organisations risk register with identification, quantification as well as the ranking of the different vulnerabilities that exist. Subsequently, Gen A alongside your key stakeholders will ensure an actionable roadmap is built against the vulnerabilities.

  • Vulnerability scanning, provides an automated point-in-time vulnerability scan across your organisation’s network against known threats to assess possible vulnerabilities that exist in your systems. The vulnerability scans reports inform the Cyber Security risk register of weakness points in your systems. Gen A recommends continuous assessments to mitigate newly deployed devices are not compromising your environment.

  • Penetration Testing (Pen Test) - Threat actors continuously evolve their toolsets and attack plans and requires businesses to leverage ethical hackers to attempt controlled breaches against your environment. Penetration takes Vulnerability scanning a step further to not only identify vulnerabilities but also to leverage them to gain controlled access to your environment. The results of the Pen Test assist in to satisfy compliance audits and also provides peace of mind knowing that your environment contains adequate security controls. Additionally, the reports further informs the risk register of actionable recommendations against vulnerabilities. Gen A recommends quarterly vulnerability testing alongside continuous vulnerability scans.

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Digital Security and Compliance Training

  • Threat actors routinely exploit unsuspecting and untrained end users, making organization’s vulnerable to attacks via user exploitation. A next generation workplace requires modern security and compliance awareness training to mitigate against exploitation and is a critical element as part of your organisation’s digital risk strategy alongside vulnerability management. Gen A leverages automated security and compliance awareness training that allows for enjoyable training snippets whilst providing exploit simulations for testing and additional knowledge build.


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